Resizer allows you to quickly change the dimensions of a webpage to test responsive design.

New 2/9/12: Now available as a chrome extension!

Getting Started

To install the bookmarklet, simply drag this button Resizer to your bookmarks bar.

Install Resizer

How to use

Visit any site that you wish to test responsive dimensions on, and click the Resizer bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar.

Step 1 Resizer Bookmarklet is active.

Step 2 Select the dimension you wish to use by clicking the Mobile (320x480) button.
This will toggle a dropdown to select your choice.

Step 3 Page content has been resized to match selected dimensions.
You can increase or decrease to the next available size by clicking the + or - buttons.


Original Idea from BRICSS.
Bookmarklet inspiration from Benjamin Keen.
UI Consulting by Workbysimon.